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Restricting access between multi-tenant App Services with Service Endpoint and Access Restriction

The Requirement Recently, one of my partners has the requirement: Three micro-services are deployed as App Service (Web App for Containers) within one App Service Plan. They’d like to control the traffic, in which App X can access App Y, … Continue reading

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Implementing Multi-region Deployment and Disaster Recovery in Azure

Background Every application has its own criticality level, some are mission critical in nature, while other aren’t. Mission critical apps typically requires very high uptime or availability. Many Azure PaaS services such as App Service and SQL Database have built-in … Continue reading

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Learning materials and 8 tips to pass CKAD (Certified Kubernetes Application Developer) exam

Recently i passed CKAD (Certified Kubernetes Application Developer) Exam. I must admit, this is the most challenging IT exam that I’ve ever taken. The main reason was the exam is 100% hands-on. No multiple answer nor True / False. But … Continue reading

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Should you upgrade from App Service Standard Plan to Premium v2?

Updated (17 August 2020)! Things change fast the cloud! I mentioned in the original post that redeployment was required to move to Premium v2. Now, glad to see that the App Service Engineering team has simplified the experience so that … Continue reading

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Using Your Smartphone’s Camera to Live Stream Through Azure Media Services

You might have seen many examples of Azure Media Services (AMS) Live Streaming demo through Wirecast installed on the laptop as shown in below links: Jason’s post on Azure Blog Jason’s recorded session in Ignite 2015 Now, I’d like to … Continue reading Continue reading

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Using Dynamic Manifest for Bitrates Filtering in Azure Media Services: Scenario-based walkthrough

I’m very excited about the release of this features in Azure Media Services. In fact, in the past few months there have been several asks from my customers which I personally engaged with. Jason and Cenk from Media Services team … Continue reading Continue reading

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Windows Azure On-boarding Guide for Dev / Test

This post is to provide customer who are considering / has decided Windows Azure for Dev / Test environment. Windows Azure’s Values for Different Stakeholders in Dev / Test Scenario     Application sponsor BUIT/ Developers Central IT/ Infrastructure Ops … Continue reading Continue reading

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Windows Azure outstands amongst 5 large IaaS providers in an independent comparative analysis by Cloud Spectator

Recently, I found an analysis paper about cloud server performance conducted by an independent cloud performance metrics company, Cloud Spectator. This post is to summarize the paper and I definitely encourage you to read the full report over here:….pdf … Continue reading Continue reading

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SQL Database Automated Backup–Before and Now

SQL Database and its three replicas You might have heard that SQL Database (formally SQL Azure) is a scalable and highly durable database service on the cloud and there’re multiple replicas automatically provisioned when we create a database. It’s true … Continue reading Continue reading

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Invitation – Community Technology Update 2013, Singapore

Community Technology Update (CTU) 2013 will be held on 27th July 2013, organised by the Community Leads from various Singapore based User Groups and MVPs. We’re putting together some of the best talents from the island (and our closest neighbour, Malaysia), in order … Continue reading Continue reading

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